Vera Sola

Danielle Aykroyd is Vera Sola; a poet, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist. A self-described drifter, Aykroyd has worked on a number of projects over the years with other artists; including touring with singer-songwriter Elvis Perkins, writing film scores, and creating music for theater productions and performance art pieces. When she did perform solo; she donned a pseudonym and chose dimly-lit settings where she could remain anonymous.

But in 2017, something shifted. Assured of her own vocal and instrumental abilities, Aykroyd was suddenly compelled to record and perform her own music. Hearing not only the emotive energy, depth, and range of her voice; but also the poetic lyricism and complex instrumental arrangements in her work; it seems inconceivable that she hasn’t been doing this for years. It is nothing short of extraordinary.

Samstag 10.11.2018
Einlass, 20:00
Beginn 21:00
Tickets: Hier!