Pere Ubu

Pere Ubu was founded in 1975 out of the debris of singer David Thomas’ first band, Rocket From The Tombs. Over the past 40 years, Pere Ubu has confounded the conventions of rock by continuously pulling together talented musicians to create a unique sound; the changing faces and time serving to expand on, rather than attempt to recreate, a long-ago idea.

With their latest album, there are to be no less than nine musicians. Shock Troops made up of a number of these musicians are sent out on tour, with Thomas out front, as ‘The Moon Unit.’ In the Summer of 2017, Pere Ubu Moon Unit will take the bones of the last released album ‘Carnival of Souls’ (Fire Records, 2015) and shake them with new sounds from the forthcoming album to be entitled ’20 Years In A Montana Missile Silo.’ ‘Carnival of Souls’ received critical acclaim with two tracks chosen to become
character themes within the cult show, ‘American Horror Story.’ David Thomas summarizes the new album as ‘The James Gang teams up with Tangerine Dream.’

David Thomas: vocals
Steven Mehlman: drums, percussion, backing vocals
Keith Moline: Guitar, backing vocals
Darryl Boon: Clarinet
Gagarin: Digital Electronica

„Garage-rock brutalists – Like wild-eyed prophets who see more deeply into what’s really going on than you do, they bracingly swat aside life’s charade with blistering irony, mad whimsy and raging conviction.“ Q Magazine

„A risk taking, empathetic group mind at work.“ The Wire

„With so much music codified into genres and artists reluctant to alienate an audience, Pere Ubu remain refreshingly abrasive, marginal and theatrically challenging.“
Graham Reid, The New Zealand Herald

Mittwoch, 30.08.2017
Einlass: 19:30 Uhr
Beginn: 20:30 Uhr
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